TSI Services Management Inc.

TSI Services Management Inc. (“TSI-eco”) is an advisory and research consulting firm specialized in energy and telecommunications providing cost-effective power & energy trading solutions to all grid stakeholders.

Our mission is to improve the resiliency of the electric grid and to reduce operating costs for electric consumers by providing a transactive energy exchange platform combined with advanced microgrids for flexibility, prosumer’s reliability and security to enable more renewable/clean energy.

We provide strategic advice to the trade industry and to clients on integrated and cost-effective solutions to improve efficiency, reliability and resiliency for institutional, commercial and industrial “prosumers” (consumers with distributed energy generation).

We are currently developing a dynamic, customer-centric transactive energy platform managing power, named the Power & Energy eXchange (PEX), to be one of the first grid network orchestrators of the Energy Cloud between the distributed energy prosumers (DEP) of electricity stakeholders: commercial and industrial consumer, independent power producer (IPP), aggregator, and the local electricity distribution grid owner. Our PEX aims to manage trades, power routing between members of a legal sharing group, and settlement.

Contact us: Email m.malka “at” tsi-eco.com Phone +1 514-742-9050