CEO: Maurice Malka, Eng., MBA II curriculum, Adv. Bell Systems Training, Founder of TSI Companies. 


Senior Grid Architect integrating Energy and Telecom Solutions. Entrepreneur, founder of TSI® – Telecom Services International Companies (Canada, 1981, USA 1985, Switzerland 1996) performing EPC for governments and large enterprises in Canada, the USA and Europe. Maurice brings his vision as an entrepreneur, experienced operator and strategic planner & developer, with over 45 years of experience in developments for grid operators and large subscriber systems and organization development in the Americas and Europe. He optimized allocations of benefits between large subscribers.

Noteworthy accomplishments at:

Bell Canada:

  • CTO for Bell Canada (10 years), managed Bell Northern Research’s R&D in central office equipment: digital switches, power, renewable energy management, batteries, uninterruptible power supply.
  • Developed resilient systems for small remote villages/municipalities in the Far North controlled by satellite for Bell Canada Enterprise.
  • Created a Task Force of Marketing, Engineering and Plant functions from each Provincial Telco; surveyed all Telcos for improved services; and restructured the 10 Telcos in Canada (Telecom Canada) to provide national data services to large telecommunications networks.

Telecom Services International companies

  • Co-authored the Peat-Marwick’s Report on long-distance telecom competition policy in Canada and provincial utilities.
  • Restructured CallNet (a value-added reseller) as a temporary legal sharing group, ShareNet, approved by the CRTC. Sharing group members then made representations to the Canadian Government to be allowed to operate as a reseller instead of a sharing group. Open telecom competition was granted and CallNet Enterprise was created (replacing ShareNet) and later became the joint-venture SPRINT Canada.
  • Managed collaborative research and development activities and collaboration between technologies, investment, and supporting partners and suppliers for BCE and TSI®.
  • Developed standardized, reliable electronic systems for the government offices of the Ontario Ministry of Communications; optimized the multimedia network for the Government of Quebec.
  • Negotiated a solution between Miami-Dade College and Bell South for a more resilient telecom network & remote education capabilities.
  • Prepared strategic plans for France Telecom to enter telecom markets in Spain as Uni2 and Italy as WIND; contributed to Free Telecom’s launch of triple-play services.
  • Applied for a license as alternative infrastructure provider in France to the Autorité de Regulation des Telecoms (ART). Financing was not easy to secure for a foreign company in France.
  • Performed the due Diligence of a VoIP supplier in Europe saved 27 M€ proving errors, Client annulled letter of intent.

TSI Services Management Inc.

  • Designed R&D projects to test Blinkless® site controller as a “power router” for storage-augmented cost-effective power microgrid for large distributed users and exporting very fast stabilization of grid resilient service, self-healing the utility station Grid and coordinated with automation monitoring & control (eSCADA).
  • Analysed the US Marketplace for distributed energy storage solutions that stabilize the Grid.
  • Prepared the TSI-eco business plan and strategy in collaboration with all team members.

VP Operations and Senior Research Consultant: Constance Herrera, B.Sc., MPA

Training: Major in Physics (McGill University, Canada), Master in Public Administration (Ecole nationale d’administration publique – ENAP, Canada), PhD studies (ENAP). CHerrera

VP Operations and co-founder of TSI Services Management Inc. (Canada, 2012).

Senior policy analyst and consultant in the following areas of expertise:

  • Design of business intelligence / performance indicators systems;
  • Public program monitoring and evaluation (study design, data collection and analysis, report drafting);
  • Water, Energy and Environmental policies and regulation in both developed and emerging States; and
  • Municipal administration (including integrated urban renewal initiatives and water conservation programs).

University lecturer and trainer to over 600 master level students, civil service managers, professionals and technical staff since 2004, in French, English and Spanish.

Close to 19 years of multidisciplinary experience in the scientific, business and government sectors of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Clients from all levels of Canadian and Quebec governments, including the Canadian Space Agency, Québec Wildlife Foundation, City of Montréal and capacity building project with the World Bank Institute and partner NGOs for water utility managers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Doctoral research at École nationale d’administration publiqueUniv. du Québec on public utilities policy and regulation, water and sanitation services management, water conservation programs, standardization of cost and service indicators, and public-public contracting.