TSI has a vast range of experience with government, financial, corporate and institutional clients. We continuously seek solutions that anticipate customer demands, and then execute those solutions beyond expectations. The following is a selection of our client list and projects:

Bell Canada
Sprint Canada
Teleglobe Canada
France Telecom

Financial institutions and private corporations:
BMO Group (Bank of Montreal)
National Bank of Canada
BNP-Paribas Canada Inc

Government agencies:
Various ministries of the Canadian Federal Gov’t,
Quebec Government and
Ontario Government.

Royal Victoria Hospital
Jewish General Hospital.

Academic institutions:
Miami-Dade College
Cité Universitaire de Genève
Dawson College (Montréal)
Université Laval (Québec City)
École nationale d’admin. publique (Québec City)

Public sector:

Strategic plan for own ITC system vs. Centrex shared services, servicing partners for voice/data, networks & organization requirements.

Study to renovate ITC systems in Quebec airports (Mirabel, Dorval/Trudeau, Lesage).

Financial SECTOR:

Sourced the ITC system for the new head office in Montreal and Toronto office, contracted cabling networks, resulting in major savings compared to Bell’s solution.

Sourced cost-effective ITC & POSITRON Trading Turret Systems, implemented & verified on-time for Toronto move-in date, 28% savings.

Shared telecom network for Stock Exchange brokers between Toronto, New York & Montreal: due diligence of sharing a fast-packet voice/data network with broker members of exchanges.

ITC systems, operators needs, centralized attendants, 40% savings.

Corporate SECTOr:

Energy and water management study, targeting reduced client resource consumption and expenses.

Designed integrated ACD systems in Montreal and Toronto, generating huge savings. The Call Center systems were retained when Air Canada bought this discount airline tour operator.

Strategic positioning; Analysis of Status Quo versus Competition. Decision to launch Prepaid calling cards for their target customers mainly in France. Sourced for IVR cloud platform service provider for the seamless sale & management of prepaid calling card as a product. Negotiation. Integration to 3Suisses’ ITC systems. Implemented customer service in call centre.

Sourced ITC systems in Toronto & London, ON, networked with Michigan.

Sourced 2 ITC systems, IVR, Centralized attendants in Montreal networked St-Laurent.

Strategic Plan; RFI/RFQ tenders for IT&C system and networks.
Sunbury Transport, Irving

Equipped truck terminals with dispatch; transition for over 500 non-stop trucks.

Academic Institutions:

Sourced ITC, cabling & wiring systems.

Sourced ITC, cabling & wiring systems.

Restored MDC’s blocked microwave links (Telco back-up links to local central offices of each campus ensure resilient operation). Designed and integrated network using microwave and a new fiber-optic network between campuses, all ensure remote multimedia education. Generated long distance savings. Organization to manage the ITC solutions & alarms.

Strategic Plan for “universal utility ITC service jacks” for voice, data, IBM 327X terminals, video, alarms, PC. Network for citywide campus: fiber-optics, concentrators, type 6 cabling infrastructure, RJ45 jacks. Cost $14 mil., savings over Centrex & datacom costs.